Fez Cooking Class

About this tour

Have a go to Moroccan cooking and visit the incredible local markets on your Fes Culinary Adventure. Enjoy the unique Moroccan food taste and flavors of their recipes and come up with something new. Then cook alongside a chef and learn to prepare traditional lunch or try to cook with a host family sharing together the true Moroccan hospitality. You start the day by shopping for your fresh ingredients while at the same time enjoy the chance to interact with locals and experience the Moroccan culture. In fact this opportunity is a great and delightful one, not only to cook but also to discover the secrets of the best Moroccan culinary recipes.

What to expect

  • Step back in time on a history tour
  • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors
  • Learn more about Moroccan cuisine
  • Meet specialists and cooking experts in cooking in Fes
  • Test local food like couscous, tagine and pastila
  • Relax and savor the panoramic view
  • Spend unforgettable time in the best shops in Fes
  • Indulge in the culinary delights of Morocco with a variety of cooking courses to teach you the secrets of Moroccan cuisine


Join this short break for a local cultural immersion Fes Culinary Adventure tour, starting from your riad and taking you into the deep ancient alleyways of Medina. In the first place, you will be picked up from your accommodation depending on your chosen time (morning or the afternoon), then meet our driver and head to your cooking location. Then upon meeting your local chef you’ll determine the meals of the day. You can choose from the classic Moroccan Tagines with meat, chicken, fish or fresh vegetables. Learn how to prepare Couscous and flavorful Moroccan salads, knead the bread and make some pastries. Hence this Fez cooking class is designed around your own interest and group.

Today our Fes cooking class will begin with a visit to the local markets (souks) in the ancient Medina of Fes for shopping, and with your chef buy all the necessary ingredients for the meals you’ve chosen. Then after returning to the house, tie on the apron and join your chef in the kitchen. At first you’ll get a complete vision about the ingredients and their use in the traditional Moroccan cooking, especially the exceptional spices such as saffron, Cinnamon, Paprika, Ginger, white pepper and cumin. Finally start cooking with the help of your chef while learning new techniques. Bake the bread at a local Ferran (oven), a perfect chance to experience the everyday lifestyle of locals.

Finally finish this Fez cooking class with a meal that you’ll share all together in a truly Moroccan style. So relax and enjoy and experience Morocco’s legendary hospitality. By reading this you’ll be able to make up your mind and book your Fes Culinary Adventure.